About Us

Ever since I was a child, my family and I would visit the farmlands in Colombia. My grandfather was a farmer, as well as an animal lover. My father was an Ex-Carabineer. Both of them succeeded in transferring their passion and love for horses onto me. 
 I spent long hours of the day trying to get these animals to understand me as well as the other way around. Being a naughty child, I risked myself for their trust and love. They became my friends. 
  My passion for them grew so much that I believed they would always be there for me to see them and enjoy their company. I was not aware that my father and my grandfather used these animals as a way of transportation and labor, as well as trading. 
  That is where my tragedy began. An unknown rift where I realized I would never see my friends again. Still, my father, in his loving ways, sliced through my sorrows with a new promise. "With this loss, another great friend will come," and with that, a bittersweet relation with horses began!
  My father always had a knack for bringing artisanal saddles to life and was still looking for the best way to maintain a healthy mane on the horses and simultaneously ensuring that all riders were comfortable and secure. 
 Traversing towns in search of inspiration from various artisanal entities, he would always be looking to innovate, whether it was the comfortability, beauty, quality styles, or colors. All these characteristics captivated me and brought me a newfound appreciation of the way artisans would cut and work the leather. They would create molds, stitch, and sow every unique element to perfection right in front of very eyes, and to my astonishment there, it would be a real piece of art, in my presence. 
   That is when, as a young boy, I began mulling over my purpose in the future. When I was older, I was to have my horses, and I would work as a leatherworker to continue forging my passion for art and horses. 
  Nonetheless, some things do not go according to plan. I moved to the city and distanced myself from the farmlands. My direction shifted, and I became a professional in the field of TV production, I built a family. For different reasons, we decided to move to the United States; this made my dream become even more of an idea rather than a reality. 
  In spite of that, after 45 years of tailoring to that idea, and loads of effort and dedication. I began working towards my purpose and dove into my future. Once again God showed me that he grants his promise to those who bestow their trust in him. 
  It was then, on vacation to Colombia in 2017 that I decided to commission the fabrication of our first saddle for a horse that I did not even have, of course, my family thought I was a bit crazy. Still, I am grateful that they supported me in realizing those dreams I had as a young man in the shop, working alongside my father on the legacy that my grandfather had laid out for us. I am positive he would be happy; I accomplished my dream. 
  I began with God's guidance on my journey, and on my path, I met various families of artisans who all worked on leather with all the love and dedication in the world. 
   As I mentioned previously, we aim for the transformation of lives, allowing the grace of God to take control. As the bible states in Provers 21:31, "The horse is made ready for the days of battle, but victory rests with the lord."
  Although we are a family of producers and publicists with more than 30 years of experience under our belt in the Hispanic sector, these days, we find solace in knowing that we could count on our amazing children, with their artisanal bodies, just like my grandfather and father. It is a blessing a marvel that they have been able to adopt that love for art and animals, especially horses!
  MiMontura goes far beyond the fabrication and distribution of accessories and artisanal products for horses. Our biggest motivation is representing the local artisans in the world of equestrians, providing jobs and support to many families who depend on MiMontura to put food on their tables.  I put all my effort, ensuring that these families were taken care of, and at that moment, MiMontura was born.